At Growing Gracefully, we embrace a integrative philosophy that recognizes the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Our commitment lies in uncovering the root causes of challenges, guiding individuals towards profound healing and self-discovery. We believe in personalized, personable service, understanding that mental health is a uniquely individual journey.

Mental Health isn't "one size fits all."

Why treat it as such?

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Our aim is to help you identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This can be an alternative to, or used alongside medications.

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Our licensed nurse practitioner will evaluate your needs and make recommendations for natural supplements, vitamins, and/or medications. The goal is to provide ongoing monitoring of medication and supplemental management and ensure that you receive the most optimal outcomes.

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"Every patient is so unique, and so is their healing journey." We do not treat you based on templates or charts; you'll receive personable, individualized, empathetic care.

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Medication Management
Individualized Care

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  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?

  • Are stress and anxiety making it difficult for you to fully enjoy your life and relationships?

  • Do you feel disconnected from your own needs and values, longing for a deeper connection with yourself?

  • Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guided by a holistic therapist dedicated to your overall well-being?

”Valeea was awesome. I was extremely nervous going into it. She was a calming presence, kind understanding laughed at my stupid jokes, which I appreciated made me feel comfortable talking, which is quite a rarity for myself. I genuinely feel I’m going to get good help from her.”

Our Satisified Clients Say...

”Valeea is wonderful. She listens and it is clear to me that she is doing what is best for the interest of my son.”

”Valeea is attentive, relatable, and has a great manner about her.”

At this time, only Cigna and UHC have been approved. All others will be cash pay. The process to accept BCBS and Aetna are underway.